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Sponsor a Bike Adventure Camp

Bike camps along Canal St 2009.JPG
Bike camps along Canal St 2009.JPG

Sponsor a Bike Adventure Camp

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  • $100 pays for one child to attend  2 weeks of Bike Adventure Camp to learn how to ride safely while exploring the city
  • $2,500 pays for a two-week session for up to 25 children to attend Bike Adventure Camp - that's a lot of safe riders! 
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Bike Adventure Camps are two week camps that educate youth in safe biking habits and to encourage use of the Trail by the youth and their families for recreation and improved health. Professionally trained instructors from the Wisconsin Bike Fed provide training that goes from the classroom to neighborhood streets and finally to the Trail. 

Rides progress in distance while introducing destinations such as Miller Park, Lake Michigan, Pettit Ice Center and the Soldiers Home Historic District. For some youth, this is their first time on a bike and may even be the first time they have experienced seeing Lake Michigan.

I hope you keep this program do not ever shut it down. I need the exersice.

— Nia